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17 1/2 Pound Half Monster Bag of Roadbuyers Wheat's

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17 1/2 Pound Half Monster Bag of Roadbuyers Wheat's
This bag will weigh about 17-18 pounds and contain 2,500 + wheat cents from 1909-1958. Our numismatists have simply taken one of the full monster bags and poured them into two different buckets. Each bucket is then weighed, sacked, then lead sealed for privacy and tagged unsearched. (1909-1958)
So why sell the 1/2 Monsters? We realized long ago a lot of buyers are not rich so we split the deal but still maintained the bag's authenticity by making two (1/2 monsters) so new collectors could afford the deal at a lower price. If you've ever wanted a lot of fun and wished to go on a treasure hunt this is it!
Teens, 'S' mints, early 1930 dates and lots of better dates like 1955-S, 1915, 1917-D, 1921-S...these are some of the coins being constantly reported to our sales office.

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