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1917 Standing Liberty Quarter 'Typ 1' IGS F12

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1917 Standing Liberty Quarter 'Typ 1' IGS F12

By the mid '19-teens' the currently circulating 'Barber' coinage was nearing the end of the statutory 25 years for coin designs. Not that designs HAVE to change (Ex. Kennedy Half), but they CAN change without Congressional consent. The 25 year limit was due to a law passed in 1890 to keep the Mint from changing designs often, thereby allegedly causing confusion to the public.

Charles Barber created his namesake designs and they were produced from the 1892 season. He was fiercely protective of his designs…so Treasury officials waited until the 25 season limit was nearly up to propose new designs. But the general public was ready for change.

So…On December 28, 1915, the Treasury announced a design competition to replace the quarter (and the Barber Dime and Barber Half too!). On March 3, 1916, Mint Director (and Barber's boss) Robert W. Woolley advised Barber that the designs of Hermon A. MacNeil had been selected for the quarter. Barber, as usual, proved uncooperative to any outsider. It fell to Assistant Engraver George T. Morgan of silver dollar fame to work with MacNeil to get the coin produced.

By the way, the name of the model, held out for years as silent film actress Dora Doscher, was finally revealed as Irene MacDowell. Irene was the wife of a close friend of MacNeil and the husband disapproved of Irene's nude modeling. Imagine that! So the name was concealed for years….Hermon MacNeil died in 1947.

Anyway, on January 17, 1917, one of the most spectacular designs in American Numismatic history was released into circulation. Almost immediately, the design came under attack from 'The Society for the Suppression of Vice' because the design was alleged to be 'obscene'. Congress consented to the change to cover up Miss Liberty (along with some other tinkering) on July 9, 1917, and the Type 1 Quarter was gone forever.

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