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1921 Morgan Dollar EF-AU

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1921 Morgan Dollar EF-AU

If you go WAY back to the mid-19th Century, 'Mystery' Coins were abundant. Mint Directors, wanting to please wealthy collector friends, pretty much struck coins 'to order'. But by the 20th Century, things were different…And we're not talking about 'error' coins like the 1937-D 3-Leg Buffalo or the 1955/55 Double Die Lincoln. But 2 'Mystery' coins come immediately to mind…. This coin is more a creation of circumstance. The Pitman Act of 1918 required the melting, and re-minting, of 270 Million older Silver Dollars.

The Morgan series had ended after the 1904 season due to oversupply. Banks, Treasury Vaults, dresser drawers, whatever, were overflowing with Silver Dollars. But when you melt 270 Million of anything, you cause shortages.

So the Pitman Act simultaneously required the melting/re-minting of silver dollars AND created a shortage! The Mint hurriedly 'spruced up' the Morgan Design and started striking. First at Philadelphia and San Francisco, and later, on May 9th at Denver. This created the one and only 'D' Mint Morgan Dollar! (Note: The 1921 Morgan is also a 'one year type'. Many differences exist between it and the older ones!) The Morgan Dollars of 1921 aren't rare…but they are interesting and a great way to own Silver Bullion.

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