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1950-1955 Original U.S. Proof Sets

1950-1955 Original U.S. Proof Sets

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1950-1955 Original U.S. Proof Sets

The year 1942 saw the U.S. go ‘All-In’ for the effort to win World War II. Typewriter makers started making rifles, Auto Makers made tanks, and airplanes….And the Mint decided that ‘Proof Sets’ were a luxury that wasn’t needed. And so the 1936 - 1942 Proof Set run came to an abrupt end. 

Throughout the remainder of the 1940’s, collectors didn’t get much attention from Mint officials, though ‘Mint Set’ production began in 1947. No proofs of any kind were issued until 1950. But then, in 1950, a new era began with Proof Sets once more on offer from the Mint. They were complete 5 piece type sets of the circulating coinage….Penny through Half Dollar. They were packaged from the Mint in crisp, gray cardboard boxes, with no certificates or other paperwork. 

Time and collector sentiment conspired to work to the detriment of the cardboard boxes. During the 1960’s, collectors discarded the boxes ‘en mass’ preferring to house the sets in acrylic cases for easier viewing. Moisture, handling, and other factors worked to decrease the number of surviving ‘Box Sets’ even more. BUT…Due to a Recent Purchase…

Comes in original box.
  • 1950 - Original mintage was 51,386. The first so-called “Modern Proof Set.”
  • 1951 - Original mintage was 57,500. The scarcest set of the group.
  • 1952 - Original mintage was 81,980. Harry Truman was in the White House!
  • 1953 - Original mintage was 128,800. Korean War ends in stalemate … Armistice.
  • 1954 - Original mintage was 233,300. Dwight Eisenhower was President.
  • 1955 - Original mintage is unknown. This was the last “Box Pack” set ever produced.
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