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1986 - 2018 Complete Silver Eagle BU Sets

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1986 - 2018 Complete Silver Eagle BU Sets

32 coins, Completely assembled in a Dansco Deluxe Album

We get a lot of questions from our Customers about buying silver… Some want to ‘invest’ for possible future growth. Some want to buy silver for use as a ‘Barter’ coin in an economic doomsday scenario. Some want to buy silver as a collectible, like MS70 coins and MS69 to make collections. And some just want one of each. AND… There is no better answer to all 3 inquiries than ‘Silver Eagles’! Why?
  • They’re .999 Pure Silver, guaranteed by the U.S. Government
  • They’re genuine U.S. Currency with a Face Value of $1, not just a silver round.
  • They’re exactly 1 Troy Ounce. No guessing!
  • They’re the most recognized Bullion coin on earth. Regardless of friend or foe, everyone values U.S. Currency.
  • They’re Super Liquid…Meaning you can turn them into cash at any time.

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