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2008 United States Mint Double Prosperity Gold Set NGC MS70

2008 United States Mint Double Prosperity Gold Set NGC MS70

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2008 United States Mint Double Prosperity Gold Set NGC MS70

  • ½ oz. American Eagle Gold
  • ½ oz. Buffalo Fractional Gold
  • Original Boxed 2 pc. Set NGC Slabbed MS70 w/Certificate & Box.
8-8-08 What does it mean?

Briefly speaking the U.S. Mint Celebration Series was launched in February 2008 in order to explore the feasibility of introducing various numismatic coin products positioned to celebrate special gift giving occasions or commemorate special events. The very first product released was a set of gold coins that celebrated the Beijing Olympics in 2008 that opened August 8, 2008 (8-8-08). It was perfect for the event and for the American collector. At the time it was just an experiment in which the U.S. Mint combined a 24k gold 2008-W Buffalo 1/2 oz. coin with a 2008-W American Eagle 1/2 oz. – both coins being burnished and both coins uniquely packaged in an unbelievable oriental style wooden museum box with a very curious painted certificate. The number “8” is traditionally associated with prosperity in Asian Culture. The number 8-8-08 date is highly significant as it occurs only once every 100 years.

NGC Population Reports Confirm Scarcity…

As most of you know, Chattanooga Coin is a leader in Gold Buffalo Market Making. We have published various literature on the subject in the past, and I won’t repeat it here, but the ‘Double Prosperity Set is a ‘sleeper’ set hiding in plain sight. So here’s the inside scoop:
  • Only 5,328 total boxed sets were issued. That number is critical because that is the maximum number of sets that EVER existed. The box is unique to this set, and presently scarce to rare by itself.
  • Only 1660 of the 2008-W 1/2 oz. American Eagles have been graded MS70 across all ‘label’ options. After 10 years of grading this coin, it’s unlikely to increase substantially.
  • Only 3,655 of the 2008-W 1/2 oz. Buffalo gold coins have been graded MS70, again across all label options and venues. Most of these coins were sold separately in 2008 and immediately sent in for grading, so this number is VERY unlikely to grow much in the future.
  • An estimated 1,000 sets were sent overseas to China and other oriental locations to do what they were intended to do….Celebrate the 2008 Olympics. These sets are likely lost to the American marketplace forever.

As you can see, this two piece set in the original box with certificate is not only beautiful – it is significantly rare in its original packaging, and the populations are low as well. It contains all three key components to make a rare coin: beauty, quality and low mintage!

Why Buy Now?

The U.S. Mint’s only experiment has turned out to be an unbelievable bargain that every gold buyer should own. Here’s why.
  • Very few people know these exist and those that do may own one (or two) In other words, they are widely dispersed across the collecting universe. It’s important to have the box as it is the lowest common denominator for the set. In the last 10 years, it’s certain that many of the 5,328 boxes were discarded, destroyed or damaged. Only a rare original set or slabbed coins from the original will have a box, therefore don’t be fooled. Without the box, prices are much less! It is the key to authenticity.
  • Millions of collectors buy Gold Eagles and Gold Buffalo's. The supply of these sets is low…they were scarce the day they were released! Now is a good time to put one of these sets away for the future as it combines the rarity of the coins themselves, the rare box, and an ounce of Pure Gold.

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