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2009 $20 Gold Saint Gaudens Ultra High Relief PL MS69 NGC
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2009 $20 Gold Saint Gaudens Ultra High Relief PL MS69 NGC
2009 $20 Gold Saint Gaudens Ultra High Relief PL MS69 NGC

In February 2009 the U.S. Mint began to slowly issue the exciting new gold coin that had gold bugs buzzing like “bees”. A one year type of about 213,000 total issue that replicated the original 1907 Ultra High Relief commissioned by then President Teddy Roosevelt. That coin was designed by Augustus St. Gaudens and was actually in the process of being struck and released in the same year of his death.

St. Gaudens died before the coin was released and it had to be finished by another engraver. The coin of 2009 is quite different from the ’07 original. The 2009 gold $20 content is exactly 1 oz. of .9999 fine gold and was changed to show the numeric date of 2009 instead of Roman Numerals as was the original.

Only 817 Certified Coins Exist & All Are Accounted for!

The 2009 coin like the 1907 version is scarce but buyable. However, the coin that is rare from 2009 is the most unusual PL (proof like version) which has been graded and certified by NGC. In fact the 2009 MS69 PL NGC version only has a mintage of 817 coins and 874 of the MS70 PL.

The MS69 PL sells for $3,750 while the MS70 PL sells for $6,500+. Our editors believe that the MS69 PL slabbed coin will rise – and rise significantly. Maybe all the way to $6,000 as collectors who can’t afford the MS70 PL gravitate to the MS69 PL at cheaper money. The coin will be aired on TV in November.

It may be priced well over $4,000 so we are advising our customers to review, research and then own one of these “rare” gold coins. Remember, it's that "PL" designation that counts.

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