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2016-W Silver Eagle Proof "Lettered Edge" OGP

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2016-W U.S Silver Eagle "Lettered Edge" Proof in Original Government Packaging

Issued ONLY in 2016 to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the American Silver Eagle!

The most highly anticipated release by the U.S. Mint in the last 30 years was realized today as the Mint unveiled its 30th Anniversary rendition of the ever-popular Proof Silver Eagle along with its first-ever major design change. For 2016, the Proof Eagle NO LONGER has a reeded edge. Instead, the edge is smooth, and across the bottom (underneath the obverse’s date) is an INCUSED stamping of the phrase, “30th ANNIVERSARY” to commemorate the Eagle’s 30th birthday year from its inception back in 1986. The design change and subsequent delay in the release of the Proof Eagle were due to ‘Public Law 114-94’. Buried deep within the 875 pages of this ‘Omnibus’ Bill is Section 73002 which mandates a change to the rim of the ‘collector’ versions of the Eagle (‘W’ Mint marked Proof and Burnished Coins). It’s likely that the Mint has just created a ‘One Year Type’ coin since the rim will change in some way in 2017.


Without question, the answer can only be YES! We knew the Mint would do something special for the 30th Anniversary edition of the Proof Silver Eagle and they have. They have fulfilled the mandate of the law by placing an obvious ‘30th Anniversary’ inscription on the smooth rim of the coin. Essentially, a complete redesign of a major component of the coin strike (and especially if it is a change for only the one-anniversary issue) absolutely creates a major KEY, if not the Super KEY to the entire series. Future valuations are unpredictable but would be expected to exceed any standard issue since this will be a one year type. How the rim, or the rest of the design for that matter, will change for 2017 and beyond is unknown. Since the coin is released so late in the year, the ramifications for Mintage and population numbers won’t be known for awhile.

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