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Must Own Rare U.S. Proof Sets

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Must Own Rare U.S. Proof Sets

Prices on these 4 scarce 'variety' Mint and Proof sets are at lows not seen in YEARS! In fact the 1960 Small Date Proof set sells for about the same price it did in 1971 when I was collecting. BUT…$35 in 1971 is equivalent to $206 today. No wonder I couldn't afford one in 1971! Similar price considerations are in place on the other 3 sets in this ad. They're all CHEAP! Back 5-6 years ago, 1979-S type 2 Proof sets sold for over $100.

You get one of each:

1960 Small Date Proof Set
1970 Small Date Mint Set
1970 Small Date Proof Set
1979-S Type 2 Proof Set

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