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NEW 2017 Lincoln Cents



YOUNG LINCOLN AS A PROFESSIONALAs you now know, the U. S. Mint has issued a 2017 cent that is about to burst into the market with a boom heard all through America. Here’s how Coin World Magazine’s Senior Editor, Paul Gilkes stated what has happened.

“Cents struck at the Philadelphia, Mint, since the establishment of the first production facility at which cents were struck (which were dated 1793), have never, before 2017, had a Mint mark. Adding the P Mint mark is among the U. S. Mint’s initiatives in recognition and celebration of its 225th anniversary, Tom Jurkowsky, director of the U. S. Mint’s Office of Corporate Communication, confirmed to Coin World Jan. 13. Jurkowsky told Coin World all Lincoln cents produced in 2018 at the Philadelphia Mint will revert to bearing no P Mint mark.”

Mr. Gilkes’ article goes on to relay the story behind the change for one year by the Philadelphia Mint. Editor Gilkes is the top gun at Coin World and has a very excellent relationship with the U. S. Mint. Mr. Jurkowsky has a few other interesting facts as reported by Mr. Gilkes. We believe these comments are significant to the story of the 2017-P and the future of this coin.

  • “Jurkowsky said U. S. Mint officials purposely did not publicly disclose adding the Mint mark, to see how long it would be before someone noticed it and contacted the Mint. The 2017-P Lincoln cents for release into general circulation were shipped to Federal Reserve Banks early in January.
  • Jurkowsky said the U. S. Mint has discretion to add a Mint mark or modify a design, based on the Treasury secretary’s legal authority to pick designs and inscriptions on coins.
  • Jurkowsky told Coin World the idea to add the Mint mark to the Philadelphia Mint cents was recommended by facility employees, to help recognize the achievements and pride of the Philadelphia Mint’s work force.
  • ‘This gesture, the adding of one little letter, goes a long way.’ Jurkowsky said.
  • The P Mint mark is added to the master die so that all working hubs and working dies will bear the Mint mark in the same position, in the field below the date.”

So, now you have it. The 2017-P cent will be a part of history - only to appear in 2017 now and probably making it an issue maybe never to be seen again, possibly forever. That’s why we chose this product and its meaning to collectors, dealers and the general public. Should you collect or invest in these unique coins? Will the public make runs on the banks just to own these? Can the average collector profit by hoarding these newbie’s as years pass and they become more valuable to own or harder to secure? We do not know the answers to all of these questions but do know that if history repeats itself - any type of coin change in America has yielded profitable situations!
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