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Single CertiPAMP .9999 Gold 1gm Ingot

Single CertiPAMP .9999 Gold 1gm Ingot

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Single CertiPAMP .9999 Gold 1gm Ingot

The Signature Bullion ingot line for PAMP is identified on the obverse by the Roman Goddess Fortuna, Goddess of Luck, Chance and Fortune. With arms outstretched to hold a cornucopia of life's bounty of fortune, she adorns the Swiss made line of ingots in a variety of precious metals and in a variety of sizes. Each .9999 Gold ingot is secured within its own CertiPAMP card that features a unique serial number, assayer's signature and confirmations of weight and metal fineness.

With the look of a single stuning CertiPAMP ingot presentation, PAMP's innovative and best-selling MULTIGRAM range is ingeniously packaged bullion sets that are divided into snap-off units - each securing a 1-gram Fortuna ingot of fine gold. Ideal for bullion enthusiasts or for gift giving, the inventive design of interconnected CertiPAMP cards allows for effortless removal of the desired quantity. And yet each securely sealed ingot retains its individual PAMP certification and unique identity.

In addition to its Industry Standard single CertiPAMP card which houses a .9999 pure gold ingot, PAMP offers its most popular MULTIGRAM bullion set in 25-card presentations, which is available also in strips of 5 cards. Each snap-off card secures a 1-gram Fortuna ingot of fine gold and the entire set is individually numbered in sequence while each card retains its own unique certification. MULTIGRAM products can be authenticated through PAMP's VeriScan Bullion Identification Security System.

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