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Top 100 Affordable Coins

- Criteria for our updated Top 100 Most Affordable Coins -

1. The coin or set is affordable at today's price levels. That was the top criterion for the list. (A little more on that later.)

2. A milestone coin. This criterion had a few sub-levels, as the coin could be a low-mintage overlooked coin, one with historical significance, or a coin in a series that is presently less collected.

3. Timeless value. The coin is recognized down through time as one which had value above other similar coins. Since the bullion side of collecting took center stage about 10 years ago, many of the coins in this list experienced price pullbacks to current bargain levels.

4. The coin/set is a money-maker. Many are ridiculously cheap at today's market prices, having been substantially higher in the past. The likelihood of a price rise on these items is high.

5. Subjective. this was the lowest priority of the 5 used, but still important. After 40+ years of involvement in the coin business, a person develops a feel for what is 'Good' despite what is printed in 'The Red Book' or the 'Greysheet'. This criterion was used as a tie-breaker, with all other criteria being equal.

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TOP 100 (05) 1911-S Lincoln Cent
TOP 100 (06) 1926-S Mercury Dime
TOP 100 (07) 1923-S Silver Walker
TOP 100 (08) 1988 Gold Proof Eagle
$229.00  $206.00
TOP 100 (100) 1892-O Barber Half
$361.00  $274.00
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