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U.S. Proof Sets

Proof sets are small collections of coins, packaged by the mint, which include specially produced versions of coins struck in a given year.

Proof coins are those whose planchets (the blank piece of metal upon which a coin is struck) are highly polished and struck multiple times so as to render a coin with magnificent quality in detail.

Upon the completion of the minting process, proof coins possess beautiful mirror-like surfaces, magnificent detail and, in the case of proof coins from the past two or three decades, frosted (cameo) designs.

These coins are then carefully placed into a holder (nowadays, the packaging choice is a hard plastic case that can safely house the coin for decades) and sold to the public.
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1978-S U.S. Mint Proof Set
1968 U.S. Mint Proof Set
1976-S U.S. Mint Proof Set
1977-S U.S. Mint Proof Set
1973-S U.S. Mint Proof Set
1998-S U.S. Proof Set
1974-S U.S. Mint Proof Set
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2001 U.S. Proof Set
2017 5pc U.S. Clad Proof Quarters
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