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1857 Flying Eagle Small Cent (off grade)

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1857 Flying Eagle Small Cent (off grade)

James B. Longacre’s 'Cents'

By the middle 1850's, then-circulating 'Large Cents' (and Half cents too) were becoming increasingly unpopular. Numerous criticisms, including the cost to mint, size, weight, design, wear characteristics, and merchant acceptance spelled doom for the coin series. Then, as now, it cost more than 1¢ to coin a 1¢ piece. In fact, it cost $1.06 to produce 100 'cents', or 6% more than face value. Many merchants of the day refused to accept coppers, or charged more for people paying with them than those paying with silver or gold. These complaints drove Mint Director James R. Snowden to explore alternative coinage and Chief Engraver James B. Longacre got the assignment. Enter the 'Small cent'…

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