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1900-1912 Barber 'V-Nickles' 1 coin

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1900-1912 Barber 'V-Nickles' 1 Coin Our Choice

Charles Barber designed these coins and they became ‘coin of the realm’ mid-season 1883. Initially, the coins were issued without the word ‘Cents’ on them. That led to some unexpected negative consequences. But, by late 1883, the problem was fixed and the series remained in production until the end of 1912. This series is now popularly known as ‘V-Nickels’ because of the large ‘V’ on the back.

A Midwest dealer sold us a good quantity of these V-Nickels. They have been ‘washed’ (Not Polished!) for some sort of TV promotions … Where they sold for BIG money. We’ll take a LOT less! Most look to date from 1900-1912, but some earlier.

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