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1915-S Buffalo Nickel PCGS Fine15

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1915-S Buffalo Nickel PCGS Fine15

The year of 1915 began as an ‘ordinary’ year on Friday, January 1, 1915. In the U.S., it was a ‘peaceful’ year as American involvement in the ‘Great War’ was still over 2 years in the future. But the groundwork for that involvement was laid in May when the RMS Lusitania was sunk off the coast of Ireland by a German Submarine.

But for now….Here are a few of the events that held the attention of the American citizenry in 1915:
• On January 12, the U.S. Congress rejected a proposal to give ‘the vote’ to women. It would take 6 more years to get it done…
• On February 12, the first stone was laid for the Lincoln Memorial. Forty-four years later, that monument would form the basis for the reverse design of the Lincoln Cent.
• May 6…The ‘Bambino’ Babe Ruth hits his first Home Run!
• May 7….RMS Lusitania is sunk with heavy loss of life. And the U.S. Mint made a key coin no one thinks about…

The 1915-S Nickel is a key coin….only 1,505,000 were made. Buffalo nickels were notorious for the quick wearing down of the date, so how many can remain today? A recent purchase landed us a few of these coins in fresh PCGS slabs.

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