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1934-A $20 'Hawaii' Brown Seal Overprint Note F/Btr

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1934-A $20 'Hawaii' Brown Seal Overprint Note F/Btr

Printed for payment of U.S. Soldiers during the invasion of North Africa, 1942. In the early days of World War II, the eventual outcome of the conflict was in doubt. Looking back from 75 years on, we realize that it would have been nearly impossible for Germany and Japan to defeat the 'Allies', but in 1942 it wasn't so clear.

On January 10, 1942, due to concern over possible invasion, the Territory of Hawaii recalled almost all 'standard' U.S. currency circulating in the Territory. Then on June 25, 1942, the new 'Hawaii' notes were issued. All are on the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco…District 12, and have brown seals.

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