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1950-D Jefferson Nickel BU (10 coins)

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1950-D Jefferson Nickel BU (10 coins)

In the early 1960's the roll boom was on fire and on top of the heap was the King of Nickels - 1950-D. Sure it is a key coin and a miniscule mintage of only 2 1/2 million coins. In 1964, this coin was on fire and the prices recorded on the coin teletype system then called FACTS, was bursting out with a roll bid at $1,000 - $1,200. Dealers took a flyer - they bought/they sold/they traded.

Business was booming. Then came the U. S. Government who said collectors were disrupting the coinage market with speculation. Dealers fought back but lost as the Johnson administration over loaded the economy with inflation and Vietnam. Collectors and dealers lost interest and prices fell back. Today rates are extremely low because collectors forgot how rare they are. We highly recommend 1-2 rolls at a fraction of 1964 us on this one!

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