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1955-S Roosevelt Dime Roll (50 coins)

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1955-S Roosevelt Dime GEM BU (50 coins)

When it became apparent that the San Francisco Mint would close after the 1955 season. investors hurried to secure bags of the final issue dimes and pennies For today's collectors, that hoarding turns into an excellent opportunity! The price for the BU silver dime rolls has dropped to the point they're priced like "junk silver"! Each roll has 3.62 ounces of pure silver in the 50 BU coins. 'Modern' silver bullion coins cost more that $23/ounce. Now you can buy 62 year old BU U.S. silver coins for the same $23/ounce. An unbelievable bargain!

Gem BU 3.62 ounces of pure Silver

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