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1979-S Type 2 "Clear S" U.S. Proof Set

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1979-S Type 2 U.S. Proof Set

Total proof set production for the 1979 season (counting both Type 1 and Type 2 sets) was 3,677,175 sets. Estimates are that more than 75% of them were 'type 1' sets. Of the remaining 25% or so, many sets are mixed type 1 and type 2 coins. This happened because the mintmark changeover was a 'running change' with some, but not all, dies initially using the new mintmark. Over time, all the dies were changed and all 6 coins in the set were type 2. Mixed sets are worth substantially less money than true 'type 2' sets with ALL 6 coins bearing the 'Clear S' mintmark. All the sets in this ad are true 'Type 2' sets with all 6 coins having the 'Clear S' mintmark!

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