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2012-2017-S Limited Edition Silver Proof Sets (5 sets)

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2012-2017-S Limited Edition Silver Proof Sets (5 sets)

Over the years, the Mint offered various 'Premium' versions of the Annual Proof Set. This trend began in 1983 when the Mint issued the first of the 'Prestige' Proof Sets. Then in 1992, 90% silver versions of Proof Sets were issued for the first time since 1964. These various series have included the 'Premier' Series from 1992 - 1998, the 'Silver Proof Set' series from 1992 to present, the Prestige series from 1983 - 1997, and maybe some others I can't think of right now.

But the current premium version is the 'Limited Edition' Silver Proof set first issued in 2012, and that series is the subject of this ad. It's a hybrid type set, with nothing similar ever offered before. It contains a Proof Silver Eagle for the year, plus a Proof JFK, Proof Roosevelt, and the 5 'Park' quarter proofs….All in silver. The nickel, penny, and Native American dollar are NOT included. Mintages were generally capped by law at 50,000, and a lot of them sold fewer sets than the limit. In fact, NO set was issued for 2015, so it's mintage is zero.

Each Set contains 8 Silver Coins:

  • Proof Silver Eagle
  • Proof JFK Half
  • Proof Roosevelt Dime
  • 5 Proof 'Park' Quarters

  • 2012 ( 44,952)
  • 2013 (47971)
  • 2014 (41,609)
  • 2016 (47,960)
  • 2017-S (49,953)

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