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2015 IGS PR70 March of Dimes sets ‘First Day of Issue’

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2015 IGS PR70 March of Dimes sets ‘First Day of Issue’

Before 2014, Commemorative Coin sets were just that….Commemoratives. They weren’t additional types of existing, circulating coinage. That changed when 2 Kennedy Commemorative sets were issued (OK…I know a possible exception was the 1998 JFK/RFK Set!).

Enter the ‘March of Dimes’ set…with 2 new metal composition/surface appearance/mintmark combinations to add to a very large circulating set…the Roosevelt Dime. That makes the 2 new dimes ‘Must Haves’ for all Roosevelt Dime collectors as well as those collecting modern Commemoratives. With a mintage of only 75,000 coins, it’s easy to forecast prices going to the moon!

Especially for ‘First Release 70’ or ‘First Day of Issue 70’ coins. By the time you read this, both of those time-dependent grading periods are OVER. But you can still get in on the ground floor before prices on these rare coins explode.

IGS graded March of Dimes coins are available only in complete sets. You get all 3 coins, all graded ‘Perfect 70’ AND in the trademarked ‘First Day of Issue’ label.

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