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2017-P Double Die Lincolns Found!

Posted by Chattanooga Coin on 10/26/2017
2017-P Double Die Lincolns Article Header Image

So you thought the 2017-P Penny was 'old news'? Well, think again! According to 'Coin World' magazine's September 18, 2017 issue, a Double Die Obverse 2017-P Penny variety has been discovered.

No, it isn't as dramatic as the 1955/5 error. Almost nothing could be, but it is a confirmed Double Die. We have a few photo micro-graphs that show the error. You'll need a good magnifying glass, but these shouldn't be too hard to spot!

2017-P Doube Die Lincoln Examples

As you can see, the doubling is pretty clear on the 'RTY' of Liberty, especially the 'R' and the 'Y'. The '7' of the 2017 date also shows some pretty strong doubling. It's early in the process with the discovery just recently made, so it's impossible to predict values for the error, but some online sales in the $125 range have been noted. It seems like a lot of the coins offered for less money in on-line venues are 'spotted'â€Â¦.really badly. Based on previous years of U.S. Lincoln cent production, this could be a serious problem. So if you find a nice, unspotted 2017-P Double Die Lincoln, it's likely to be more towards the top of the price range.

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