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2018 Silver Eagle NGC MS70 FDI

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2018 Silver Eagle NGC MS70 FDI

NGC “First Day of Issue” 2018 MS70…a pure white virgin specimen encased in exclusive “First Day of Issue” blue label and NGC’s extra special Sunrise image in the background denoting the beginning of a new day. NGC is the second oldest grading firm and super tough on ‘70’ grades and therefore prices seem to be slightly higher than others.

Silver, the key to prosperity, has long been an investment that most people have hung their hopes on. The fact it is cheap, beautiful and well suited for long term accumulations has made it a wonderful and widely accepted commodity. Our editors are recommending the new 2018 American Eagles because they are a series of coins that is easy to buy and sell. They are also becoming a numismatic collectible much like the antiques of years ago. Both collectors and hard core silver buyers are gaining respect for such an item that can make you money both ways. Sure beats the 1% interest you get at the banks. It only makes common sense that if financial gurus like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates (Microsoft) would spend billions for silver in their own portfolios – we, the little guys, should follow suit. We especially like older silver coins, like Morgans, Peace, Walkers and the old Franklins. But as a practical approach for new investors – Eagles make perfectly good sense, both now and in the future.

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