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225TH Anniversary 'Enhanced Finish' Sets ... The Facts!

Posted by Chattanooga Coin on 8/27/2017
225TH Anniversary 'Enhanced Finish' Sets ... The Facts!

What is this set?

The set is brand new. Such a set has never been produced before by the U.S. Mint.
  • The set is being made at the San Francisco Mint right now.
  • The set will include 10 coins:
  1. Lincoln Cent
  2. Jefferson Nickel
  3. Roosevelt Dime
  4. JFK Half Dollar
  5. Sacagawea Dollar
  6. Ellis Island Quarter
  7. Geo. R. Clark Quarter
  8. Effigy Mounds Quarter
  9. Frederick Douglass Quarter
  10. Ozark Riverways Quarter
  • All 10 will be 'S' Mints….With the 'S' Mintmark.
  • They will be 'Mint State' coins, not proofs.
  • They will have an 'enhanced finish'. While no 'real' images of the coins exist, we can use the 2013-W Enhanced finish silver eagles for clues as to what these coins MAY look like, but the bottom line is we don't know for sure what they will look like precisely.
  • The coins will be struck on regular 'Clad' blanks, Not silver!
  • The Mint is issuing these sets as part of its 225th Anniversary Celebration.

How, When and Where are the sets being Sold?

  • The Mint will produce UP TO 225,000 sets. 
  • It will be available at noon, EDT on the Mint's website, in its gift shops (One at Each Mint, plus Washington D.C., at least) AND at the ANA show in Denver, Colorado. This will be Tuesday, August 1.
  • The coins in this set will be available ONLY in this set….No other venue will contain the coins, per the Mint.

What will Chattanooga Coin have to sell?

  • We bought 300 sets at the ANA show. They were given to NGC 'on the spot' for grading. These coins are in the 'ANA First Day' labels. (Coins submitted at the show, but not on day one will have a label that says 'Denver ANA', but NOT First Day of Issue.
  • We will have 'ANA First Day of Issue' NGC slabs. We will have them in both SP69 and SP70. (very low pops)
  • NGC will grade them using the 'SP' designation. (i.e. SP69 and SP70)
  • We will have 'First Day of Issue' sets, shrink wrapped with a COA attesting to their acquisition on August 1, 2017. These will come from the sets bought at the Washington D.C. U.S. Mint facility.
  • We will also have IGS 'First Day of Issue' sets and they will be significantly cheaper than the 'ANA First Day' sets from NGC.
  • We will make available individual coins, cent through dollar, at the prices published in the 'Summer Savings' flyer.
  • We will have NGC 'Early Releases' sets available at a price point somewhere between the IGS sets and the NGC First Day ANA sets.


  • Chattanooga Coin is one of only a few dealers selling these right now.
  • The 'Denver ANA' label is not the same as the First Day label. Ask your operator to address the differences. They're not the same.
  • Since these are brand new coins (No clad enhanced finish coins have ever been made by the Mint), there is significant 'Grading Risk'…. meaning that '70's' may become quite rare.
  • Travelling to the ANA Show was our one & only shot at obtaining these sets!

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