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Certified Gold Buffaloes... Facts Speak Louder than Words … updated

Posted by Lewis Revels CEO Chattanooga Coin and Gold Buffalo Investor on 11/8/2017
Certified Gold Buffaloes... Facts Speak Louder than Words … updated
This article began with one single premise - explore, define and advise our readers of the advantages of owning America's best gold coins. The research included seven years of my life experiencing the entire release period of 2006 - thru the present for gold Buffaloes. I've done 30 or so articles on the subject and recently about 10 hours of research to confirm the mintages and populations of every mint state, proof and special Buffalo issue. It's been the most rewarding experience I've had since seeing my daughter graduate from college. Plus, it has given me insight to what I believe will be the safest, strongest, and most profitable investment I will ever make in my investing career. Notice I said "I"! That's because I own everything I'm writing about and have from day one - back in 2006, always assuming it was the right thing to do if I wanted to own and invest in gold. But was I right, and is the Buffalo for you?

I could tell you that the Buffalo has made me rich and you should do the same - just by throwing money at the program. Frankly speaking, I did that in 2006 and hoped for a winner. I didn't plan out the next two years, five years - much less the next 10 or 25 years. I'll call my success "dumb luck" because it was. Fortunately, I got caught up in a product that couldn't lose and now I'm going to tell you why and what you may want to consider. The information in this offer has never been published. That's because no one has had an interest in doing it...they have just relied on "dumb luck" and expert opinions plus the basic elements of both the beauty and precious metals aspects of one of America's most trusted traditions and designs - the 1913 Black Diamond Buffalo and the reverse design of the American Indian. By the way, both of these design elements were taken from the actual Central Park Zoo animal (Black Diamond) and three Native American Indians (Iron Tail, a Sioux - Two Moons, a Cheyenne and Chief John Big Tree, a Seneca).  

Let's now get to the meat of how my research can help you both enjoy owning gold plus ultimately protect and increase your future wealth both for you and your family.

I believe the best way to own gold is with .9999 fine pure gold Buffalo coins. They are beautiful and awesome in appearance plus the purest gold coins ever made by the United States Mint. The series is short (2006 - 2017) and will be a continued series subject to the Government's regulations and whatever the U.S. Treasurer decides to do in future offerings under authority given to his office by the Law.   In other words he could discontinue the program or skip a period of years or make a design change. All possible, but not likely with a coin so popular with the public. My intent is to make sure all of our readers will profit from the Buffalo. Let me point out our approach regardless of where you buy them.

A) I personally own one of each mint state and proofs from 2006 - 2017 (20 coins). I own one each of the 2008- W Burnished Fractional Coins (3 uncirculated, 3 proofs) and currently a reverse proof 2013-W commemorative $50 (1 oz.) Chicago ANA release coin. So a total of 23 coins make up the 1 oz. versions plus three fractionals in the set. This is my No. 1 recommendation. Now to own these I suggest you buy either raw coins uncertified or "69" almost perfect coins or mint state and proofs graded "70" which are perfect. I also stress that the "70" coins be First Strikes, First Day, or First Releases. I don't care if they are PCGS or NGC but I recommend you own them all, and especially in "70" grade. With such a short issue (since 2006) they are still within financial reach plus you can add on to each future release as the market continues to grow. This program can be worked out with the Chattanooga Coin staff and our industry famous "no interest" layaway program.

B) The second approach to owning Buffalo gold is to buy only the crème - the rarest and most sought after in both PR70 and MS70...perfect graded specimens. To do this I have researched every date and every grade to point out which coins to buy. These are coins I personally own and I'm always looking for more to buy. It is exciting when I keep building my future with something really scarce or downright rare. Buffalo gold coins have all the elements to protect and preserve your wealth even if the price of gold doesn't go up. My research should help you get wealthier while the U. S. Government printing presses will keep the price of gold going up in the years ahead. Currently, the price of gold is between $1,280 and $1,310. I fully expect $2,200 - $2,600 in the next three to five years. Gold's demise by some analysts is shortsighted by their belief that the U. S. Government will stop printing cash. Nothing is further from the truth. Our free research report will help you understand how it all works.