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'Hard Times Tokens' (1 coin)

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'Hard Times Tokens' (1 coin)

Closeout…The Corbin, KY Copper Deal
Some of our longtime readers may remember the 'Corbin, KY' Copper Hoard that we liquidated a couple of years back. It was a unique collection of both bulk and better date material. The collection included old large cents, the scarce and unique ‘Hard Times’ tokens, and the wildly diverse Civil War tokens. These are some really historic and budget-friendly deals. These are the last of that big collection, so not a lot of coins are left.

How did the election of 1828 create these coins?

Andrew JacksonAndrew Jackson’s 1828 election caused, directly, a financial collapse in the U.S. He vetoed the renewal of the Charter for the Second Bank of the United States and transferred government deposits to state-chartered banks. This action created instability in the economy and led to a financial collapse. Massive hoarding of government issued ‘change’ created a severe shortage of circulating coinage. As a result, by the mid- 1830's, merchants and private individuals began issuing ‘Hard Times’ coinage. A lot of them have various patriotic inscriptions or sayings like 'Substituted for Shin Plasters'! Most are dated in the 1834 – 1841 range, predominantly 1837. They are roughly the size of U.S. large cents and feature animals, buildings, allegorical figures, etc.

We have 20 or so left from the famous 'Corbin, KY.' hoard we liquidated a couple of years back. They are part of the most diverse group of Hard Times Tokens I have seen in my 40+ years in the business!

Fine or better grade Various Designs and Dates, Our Choice!

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