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"Inverted Jenny" Collector Stamps

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"Inverted Jenny" Collector Stamps

After a number of trials, the United States Post Office decided to inaugurate regular mail delivery service by air on May 15, 1918, flying between Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City. The Post Office set a then exorbitant rate of 24 cents for the service (first-class mail was 3¢ at the time) and decided to issue a new stamp just for this service. The biplane Curtiss Jenny was chosen for this new method of mail delivery and the stamp was printed in patriotic red and blue.

The "Inverted Jenny " stamp, the most famous error in American philately, occurred when a single sheet of 100 stamps made it through production undetected where the blue image of the airplane was printed upside down relative to the red frame. A single inverted Jenny was sold at a Robert A. Siegel auction in November 2007 for $977,500.

No, this isn't a Ponzi scheme. It's for real! The Post Office printed these sets to commemorate the famous 'Upside Down Airplane' stamp from 1918. But, in true government fashion, there was a problem….or maybe not. About 100 of these were printed 'right side up''! The USPS made the announcement on October 2, 2013. OK…There are SIX $2 stamps in the sealed package. We will sell the sealed packages SEALED. If you open a set and get one of the 100 sheets of upright stamps, we'll pay you $20,000 for it! These sealed sets are selling for as much as $50 each in online auctions. Pictured at the left is what's inside these sets. If you get one of the 'upright' sheets (and according to the Post Office, 100 exist), we'll pay you $20,000 for it! At worst, you have a neat and historic collectable. At best, you hit the Jack Pot! (No…you can't return an opened package!)

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