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Silver Morgan Dollar Date Set (Dansco Album)

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Silver Morgan Dollar Date Set (Dansco Album)

A 'Full' set of Morgan Dollars contains 95 coins…of course the 'Proof Only' 1895 Philadelphia (Mintage 880 Coins) isn't included in that 95! The 95 coin sets typically sell for $12,000 to $13,000 depending on grade, and we can certainly supply those sets. But…an alternative for the budget minded collector might be a 'Date Set'.

A 'Date Set' is a collection that gives you 1 coin from each year the series was produced. In the Morgan Dollar Series, you'll get 1 coin from each of the years 1878 - 1904, plus the 1921. That's a total of 28 coins. Mintmarks vary, but you still get a coin from each of the years. For instance in 1895, you will get a 1895-O, not the $50,000+ 1895-P, so it keeps the sets affordable. Grades range from 'VG' up to 'BU'.

Free EncyclopediaYou'll get a free ($100 Value) 'Silver Dollar Encyclopedia' to learn more about the coins!

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