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Key Coins: Always in demand but hard to find

Posted by Norm Glovsky, Staff Writer on 10/31/2017
Key Coins: Always in demand but hard to find
One of the most asked questions we receive here at The Wholesaler is: Just what is a key coin, anyway? Like most things in life, the answer isn’t exactly cut and dried, but here’s our take on ‘key date’. 

Palladium Paradise

Posted by Matt Draiss, Professional Numismatist on 10/27/2017
Palladium Paradise
The HOTTEST Bullion Release of the Year? 

The U.S. Mint is doing something that has never been done before, striking a coin out of palladium! The mint has been making gold, silver, and platinum coins for decades. These coins are coveted by millions around the world. 

2017-P Double Die Lincolns Found!

Posted by Chattanooga Coin on 10/26/2017
2017-P Double Die Lincolns Article Header Image

So you thought the 2017-P Penny was 'old news'? Well, think again! According to 'Coin
World' magazine's September 18, 2017 issue, a Double Die Obverse 2017-P Penny variety
has been discovered.
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